Cost Optimization Advisory

Our Methodology

We Create Value for your organization

Our methodology is exclusively focused on creating value for your organization and you keep control of each step of our intervention :

  1. We start by performing a complete diagnosis of the as is (the existing situation) to evaluate your potential for improvements & optimizations
  2. We build-up a full action plan when your potential for improvements & optimizations is significant enough, and provided that performing optimization will not expose you to any potential risk
  3. You validate the proposed action plan and you set up the timelines.
  4. You define our role
  5. We define together our pricing model based on the role you have assigned to us

We are "Serial Optimizers"

We are experts in negotiations and we get the best price conditions for you ! Our deals are regularly the “market price makers” of the moment. But this is not enough ! Indeed, cost optimization is not only about price negotiation.

Our expertise in defining at best the needs, as well as negotiating favorable contractual terms, bring huge added value to our Clients and avoid significant hidden costs. For example, poorly calibrated specifications will need to be fixed by end users and may generate additional costs and productivity losses.

We also have developed a robust know-how on substitution and standardization strategies. Our benchmarks are major assets for this : our Clients successes and lessons learned enable us to advice proven recipes to our other Clients.   

We use  best in class comparative analysis tools for risk, prices and contractual terms assessment.  Thanks to those we enable our clients to make the best decisions based on both tangible and measurable elements.

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