Cost Optimization Advisory

Why Choose Us

The 6 Main Reasons for Using Our Services :

Presence on Markets

We are continuously closing deals on the markets on behalf of our Clients: we frequently update all our benchmarks (prices, best practices…) and we closely follow any market evolutions (technologies, players, regulations…).

Unique Expertise

We have developed an unique expertise in Luxembourg on more than 30 purchasing topics. We are known and recognized by the players of these markets. For each topic, we have built our own “templates” ready to be customized for your needs.

High Performance

We make you save lots of money and time: only on financials, our average performance is 20% savings generated versus existing.

Tailor Made Approach

We assist you in better defining your needs: thanks to our benchmarks and best practices, we help you to calibrate your specifications to your actual needs.

Contractual Guarantees

We help you to protect yourself contractually: We negotiate for you the best contractual guarantees against non-quality, delivery delays, contractual breach, incidents…

You pay only if we Perform

You take no financial risk by using our services: you pay us mostly on the basis of our results.

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